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Acog Bandits Tour
« on: April 20, 2016, 03:46:37 PM »

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I'll start this thread off for Rebel.

Did the 1st course totally not great, hit a few shots rolled back down the hill to my feet lol.

Anyway my adjusted score so far is :

Great Tottington Golf Club +12
The Fernacre Club +2 had a great 19foot putt, was under for some of the round and just blew it on the last few holes.
Great Tottington Golf Club Evens, played great got a 2 on a par 4, I did similar last week with Sonic on some mad course last week. Enjoying this so far :)
Flathead County Golf Club -6 my best round yet adjusted score. Did another chip in from the green, the purple lad a random called Bramel1024 did a great amazing chip out of the bunker and down on a hole, one of my 2nd shots hit a flag and just bounced inches away.
Yuma Desert Golf Club -6 The winds are deceiving on this on some holes.
Flin Flon Golf Club +5 chipped in from the fringe on a par 3, some tricky holes.
Sonoran Golf & Country Club +2 chipped in from the fringe for a birdie.
Crystal Lake Resport +21 Worst round of the lot, went in the water a few times.

+30 overall.
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