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The Order 1886 - Digi's review (Mild spoilers)
« on: May 06, 2015, 05:07:47 PM »

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I know The Order has been out a while, and we hardly all rushed out and bought it, but I finally got a copy last week and wanted to share my thoughts on it with you.

The Order 1886 is set in the alternative history of old London before the turn of the century. "The Order" is a group of Knights founded by King Arthur to protect the realm from peril, and half breeds. The Order have "Blackwater", a combination of Holy Grail water and blood which provides prolonged life and healing properties when injured. The twist to this era based game is that The Order has a range of technologically advanced hardware at their disposal, provided by Nikola Tesla. This technology gives the game an edge, a difference to the timeline and enhances the gameplay for the set era. You play as Sir Galahad (Grayson) who with the rest of The Order are in a battle with the rebels & half breeds.

I liked the little nods to other historical references within the game ie: Jack the Ripper. I won't spoil it for you, but this bears a significance to the storyline. The game plays fluid enough, but I found the "clinical" type of guided gameplay a little frustrating. The Order could offer a bit more gamer input instead of open this door, wait here, press that button now sort of action. The story is engaging and draws you in with its fluid cut scenes, the combat action (Third person), is pretty decent if somewhat lacking, but I found the button instructions on screen during hand to hand combat frustrating. You could say "that's just you, you old git", but the graphic instruction wasn't clear enough for me to understand which resulted in a few attempts at the same section not knowing if I was doing it right.

What's really disappointing is that The Order should have offered a multiplayer online experience. I think it would have been similar to the Uncharted series MP, and with the opportunity to expand the Victorian London maps would have been an online game to have got involved with. The potential of The Order is enormous online, and Ready at Dawn missed a trick here. I hope they make  The Order 2 and include some MP gaming next time around.

Conclusion :
Like The Last of Us, the story is engaging, well scripted, the cut scenes are atmospheric and the graphics are very good. Ready at Dawn managed to capture the foggy, drab streets of London perfectly.The game is not that long unfortunately, but I will replay this again and see what I missed the first time around. All in all The Order has been a game I'm glad I played  and did not miss out on. However, if you fancy having a go wait until you can get it at the right price you're willing to pay for it. I paid 24 for my copy, which included The Knights Endurance DLC, and like ALL my games for this generation be it digital or physical, it will be staying in my library for a future replay. 7/10 from me
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Re: The Order 1886 - Digi's review (Mild spoilers)
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Thanks Digi, sounds good for a cheaper buy as you say, even 24 is good. I'll definitely consider this after I finish TLOU
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