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ACOG General Chat / Automotive Oscilloscope
« on: October 13, 2015, 07:58:55 PM »
Bit of a long shot but does anyone have and automotive oscilloscope I could borrow>

Wife car has an intermittent fault with a sensor that I need to get to the bottom of.

ACOG General Chat / Can you help with a quick survey
« on: September 23, 2015, 01:25:24 PM »
Fellow Acoggers my daughter is just starting her third year at Uni studying History and Archaeology but being a chip off the old block she's also an avid gamer and so for her dissertation she is looking at whether accurate historical settings/stories add to game play and immersion.

The first stage is to gather research and so she has put together a short survey.  It's should only take about 5 minutes to fill in unless you write pages of thoughts.

Please spread it around as the more responses the better.

ACOG General Chat / We've all experienced wife agro....
« on: February 26, 2015, 04:49:49 PM »
Shamlessly ripped from

But some good tips.

A guide to managing Wife Agro (aka Spouse Agro)

Few guides exist on The Wife, yet it is most overpowered uber-boss you will come across, approaching god-like status. She provides many blessings, but once you attract Agro, she can make your game-play challenging (at best). Wives remain a mystery to most players as the Devs have been very sketchy with information, leaving it to players to identify boss mechanics through trial and error.

Whilst I do not claim to be an expert on the matter, I thought Iíd do the community a favor by creating a guide based on my experience and the little literature out there on the topic.

The challenge

The Wife is unique for every instance, so there is not one winning strategy. Youíll need to empirically identify what works best for you. The best the community can provide is some tips and tricks. Furthermore, other than any other bosses youíll encounter in Telara, this is one fight you cannot win. If The Wife attacks, itíll generate a drop in your stats at best. More probably, youíll get wiped and in extreme case forever banned from Telara (not a shred of your soul left, I kid you not).


Like most bosses, you will have different phases with different mechanics. All mechanics of previous phases are also used in the following phases, with additional mechanics coming into play. Phases are determined by agro level. At 100% you reach the [All Consuming Fury] phase, which is an instant wipe. Your goal is to keep agro as close as possible to the 0% level.

It is very important to keep in mind that Wives have incredible radius. Once she picks up agro, agro can keep building up whilst she has no LOS, even when sheís miles away.

Boss Mechanics

Phase 1: 0% - 10% agro levels

[Sixth Sense]
This is a permanent buff Wives have. It allows them to sense what youíre up to without requiring LOS. Once the Wife has sensed your presence, you are at risk attracting agro.
[Sixth Sense] cannot be dispelled.

From time to time, and typically only at low level agro levels, Wives will cast [Seduce]. [Seduce] is a blessing, but worth mentioning as the result is that youíll be out-of-combat for a significant amount of time. Both player and The Wife can crit during [Seduce]. If the Wife makes the player crit (very, very high probability) it will take you 8 to 10 hours of recovery time. However, youíll come back to the game with maximum stats. Additionally, if the player make the Wife crit as well, thereís a good chance of Wife agro being reduced as an extra bonus (making The Wife crit does take some practice, but thatís a topic for another guide).
[Seduce] can be interrupted, but results into The Wife transforming into Wife Scorned, a demon providing none of the benefits The Wife provides and with attacks that will be a multitude of The Wifeís attacks, both in range and dps. Hell hath no fury like a Wife Scorned, so avoid this.

Phase 2: 10% - 40% agro levels

[The Look]
[The Look] shoots a cold beam towards the player, creating a stackable buff to threat generation of 5%. LOS is required for this attack. Experienced players will always have focus on The Wife when she approaches so they can identify [The Look] when cast.
[The Look] cannot be interrupted.
[The Look] stacks fade over time (typically an hour per stack), but can be purged as well.

[The Talk]
Typically introduced by The Wife emoting something like ďwe need to talkĒ, [The Talk] is a relatively easy attack to deal with. The Wife simply requires both target and focus on her, whilst otherwise not touching the keyboard. If low on agro and sufficiently skilled, the player should be able to finish a raid, warfront or dungeon-run by acknowledging [The Talk] whilst the Wife remains on stand-by. If the player is in a safe environment, it is best to simply engage in [The Talk]. A successfully handled [The Talk] will actually bring down agro levels and possibly purge [The look] stacks.
[The Talk] can be interrupted, but doing so will result in a massive 20% increase in agro.

Phase 3: 40% - 70% agro levels

[The Rant]
This is a direct attack at higher agro levels. It cannot be interrupted nor can it be avoided, it simply needs to be endured. During the attack itself, the player will be incapacitated, but [The Rant] itself does not provoke any permanent effects. It is however a very clear sign that agro levels are getting to high and need to be managed down.

[The Silent Treatment]
Without question, the most dangerous attack. Even at full awareness, it will take the average player 9 minutes before he realizes heís being subjected to [The Silent Treatment]. Up to then, he actually might believe heís receiving a blessing as during this attack no sound or threatening gesture will be observed coming from the Wife. [The Silent Treatment] can be interrupted by taking hands off of the keyboard, putting both target and focus on the Wife and emoting a [The Talk] (the player says ďHoney, whatís wrong?Ē. Whilst the result might be a [The Rant] it is better to the alternative, as falling to react to a [The Silent Treatment] will increase agro levels by 10 to 30%.

Phase 4: 70% - 100% agro levels

[The Dog House]
[The Dog House] is a spell The Wife casts, depriving the player of part, if not all, of the usual blessings The Wife provides. As such, most players will notice a drop in stats. Additionally, whilst [The Dog House] lasts, it is pretty much open season on the player, exposing him to multiple [The Look], [The Talk], [The Rant] and [The Silent Treatment] attacks. The Wife might even spawn some adds like The Sister-in-Law or The Mother-in-Law all potentially taking [The Look], [The Talk] or [The Rant] potshots at the player. The only upside to [The Dog House] is that the player might actually have more playtime as he might be banished out of non-Telara zones like The Bedroom. Still, [The Dog House] is something you will want to dispel as soon as possible, which can only be done by actively managing Wife agro down.

[All Consuming Fury]
[All Consuming Fury] is an attack every sane person will want to avoid. It is invoked at 100% of Wife agro. This attack hits you like a space-shuttle and will smother you to a whining puddle of drab. It is non-dispellable, non-interruptible and non-avoidable. On top of that, there are several additional spells that can be unleashed during [All Consuming Fury] like [Packed Suitcases], [Flying Stuff], [Lash Of The Power Cord], [Keyboard Across Face], [Feign Banish], [Banish], Ö All very, very unpleasant things which we really donít want to dwell upon. Letís just say that if you get to this stage, playtime will be the least of your concerns. Just surrender and negotiate terms (i.e. humbly accept whatever bone The Wife is still willing to throw you).

Recommended Player Tactics

The player attempts to polymorph The Wife into a player. This doesnít work on all Wives, but if it does, no more Wife to worry about as long as it lasts. Definitely worth a try. Be careful though, at any point in time The Wife can re-appear, although typically with little or no agro.
Casting time: varies greatly, from 1 hour to weeks (even months)
Cooldown: varies greatly, from 1 hour to weeks

Simple Permanent buff decreasing The Wife agro by 10%. If The Wife has the [Respect] as well, this buff evolves into [Mutual Respect] which decreases The Wife agro by 20%. Make sure you always have this up as [Respect] alone will avoid being subjected to the [All Consuming Fury] and [Mutual Respect] is almost enough to avoid ever getting into phase 4.
Instant Cast
Cooldown: 10 mins

Hugging the boss is typically used to avoid ranged damage, but in the case of The Wife, it actually decreases agro. A successful [Cuddle] will decrease agro by up to 5%. Iíd recommend casting [Cuddle] 4 times a day as a preventive measure. In order to cast [Cuddle] both target and focus need to be on The Wife.
Casting time: 30 sec to 2 mins
Cooldown: 30 mins
Pro-tip: Experience shows that in order to cast a successful [Cuddle] you need to be a couple of minutes out of the fight. Casting a [Cuddle] with blood-dripping daggers during a brief break in the middle of a raid will likely fail and might actually be countered by an attack.

[Cozy Evening]
Stock up on drinks and spend an evening with full focus on The Wife. This should remove agro levels by 20% to 30% and should prevent agro generation for the next 24 hours. I recommend casting [Cozy Evening] twice a week.
Casting time: 8 hours
Cooldown : 24 hours
Pro-tip: Whilst casting [Cozy Evening] you can cast other spells as well! Spam [Cuddle] and if you feel lucky try to cast [Seduce] as well.

There are a number of [Chore]ís that can be cast with varying casting time. Casting [Chore] will typically decrease agro levels by 5 to 30% and prevent Wife agro levels building up for a time period which is a multiple of the casting time of said [Chore].
A couple of examples, assuming a multiple of 4:
[Putting Out Trash] with a casting time of 15 mins will give you 1 hour agro protection
[Cook Meal] with a casting time of 1 hour will give you 4 hours agro protection
[Clean House] with a casting time of 3 hour will give you 12 hours agro protection
Please note that the [Chore] multiplier is again one of the devís secrets and is believed to vary from Wife to Wife. You need to determine it empirically.
Cooldown : None

[Surrender Credit Card]
Every decent build requires a couple of skills to use during those ďOMG, panicĒ situations. Casting [Surrender Credit Card] is going to cost you a decent amount of plat, but it does make The Wife go away for a couple of hours, providing you with the breather you need to get your act together.
Casting time: instant
Cooldown : 1 month
Pro-tip: Casting [Surrender Credit Card] during a Annual Sales event is a lot cheaper!

[Take Vacation]
This skill is even more expensive than [Surrender Credit Card]. Just like saving for that killer mount or gathering plat and mats for crafting the raid-equivalent gear, you need to plan ahead for this one and save for months. Additionally, this spell has a long casting time. But itís all worth it as The Wifeís agro levels drop to zero, you get agro immunity for a day or two and youíll come back to the game with maximum stats .
Casting time: 3 days to 3 weeks
Cooldown : 1 month

Non-recommended Player Tactics

Even though I strongly recommend experimenting with your Wife, a number of tactics have proven to have minimal chances of success or unbalanced risk/reward returns. This section is meant to point out pitfalls when adopting other strategies.

The idea is to use [Stealth] mode to explore Telara unnoticed to The Wife. It requires rapid use of the Alt-Tab key combination, volume control, and engaging in one of your primary or secondary professions quickly as a diversion technique when The Wife approaches.
Pitfalls: Most Wives have well developed [Sixth Sense], negating player [Stealth] skills. Additionally, using [Stealth] will likely drop [Respect] and [Mutual Respect] buffs of both player and The Wife. Some high tolerant Wives might tolerate [Stealth], but even then I donít think itís worth losing [Respect] and [Mutual Respect] buffs. Less tolerant Wives will agro instantly when [Stealth] is detected.

[Feign Death]
The ultimate form of [Stealth] is [Feign Death], tricking The Wife into believing the player left The Real World so the player can spend days on end in Telara, hiding in a friends basement or in a tree hut.
Pitfalls: All the ones mentioned in [Stealth]. Furthermore, this spell requires a casting time of 3 months! Logistically this is very complex to execute. And finally, there'll be hell to pay when you come out of [Feign Death]. So unless you want to [Stay Dead], do not try this!

[Talk 2 The Hand] and [C If I Care]
[Talk 2 The Hand] and [C If I Care] are buffs making the player immune to [The Look], [The Talk] and in some cases even higher level attacks.
Pitfalls: This buff creates a feed-back loop of increasing agro. The Wife will simply use stronger and stronger attacks to offload agro. If kept up until [All Consuming Fury], the player will be wiped. Obviously, your [Respect] buff is dropped as well when casting [Talk 2 The Hand] or [C If I Care]. Whilst we all might be tempted to occasionally though up this buff during a particularly intense raid, know that serious damage control might be required afterwards.

The player banishes The Wife.
Pitfalls: This I no laughing matter. Whilst The Wife might have frustrating mechanics, making game-play occasionally difficult, Telara will be empty and grey without The Wife. More importantly, whilst not a focus of this guide, The Wife provides numerous blessings (like [Feed the Flock], [Soulmateís Blessing], [Romance], [Tender Moments] ...) which the player will forfeit when casting [Divorce]. It will also cost you a wagon load of plat.


Closing Comments

I hope this guide is of some use. This guide can also be used for mini-bosses youíll encounter whilst leveling like The Girlfriend or The Fiancťe. Whilst some of the mechanics are the same, the advanced mechanics only come into play when you get to The Wife.

Those of you that managed a permanent [Convert]: Good job and kudos. You'll never have the ultimate satisfaction of mastering the advanced agro management techniques described above, but I'm sure you'll get in more uninterrupted time. For those operating without Wife, Husband or Significant Other, I can only assume you're too low a level, a noob, or a gold farmer not willing to take that risk. You donít know what youíre missingÖ

ACOG General Chat / Help from a mechanic needed
« on: January 15, 2015, 03:00:47 PM »
I know we've got a few motorbike enthusiasts and mechanics on here so I though I see if anyone can give me some advice.

My son's got a Derbi GP1 50cc twist and go moped and it currently off the road with a problem.

The basic symptoms are:

  • Runs for a few minutes and then dies
    Won't restart for a few minutes and then does the same
    Low on power when pulling away

I've changed the battery and spark plug and made sure the fuel filter is clean but apart from that I'm at a loss of where to go next.

If anyone can give me an ideal of what to check that would be great.

ACOG General Chat / Mobile Games
« on: January 30, 2014, 12:26:10 PM »
I'm always on the look out for game for my phone and tablet that are easy to pick up and play for a short time - on the bog  or waiting for a train games.  Nothing too involved.  I came across a couple this week that I like.

Table Top Racing

Robot flavoured
Fruit flavoured

A good fun racing game that plays really well on my android tablet.  It has a good skill level progression and, even though you can, in app purchases aren't needed to progress.

Flappy Bird

Robot flavoured
Fruit flavoured

Perfectly suited to mobile play it's very easy to play but be warned it's incredibly addictive and incredibly frustration.  You'll either spend too much time playing it or smash your phone against the nearest wall.  Very high 'just one more try' factor.

Post below any games you're currently playing or would recommend.

ACOG General Chat / Bad taste humour
« on: January 09, 2014, 01:01:44 PM »
What have Tom Dailey and Michael Schumacher got in common?

Show content
They've both got skid marks down the side of their helmets.

ACOG General Chat / How to lose customers and alienate people.
« on: December 06, 2013, 03:59:03 PM »
Sorry for the mega post but wanted to get this posted somehwhere.  It's worth a redy to find out how appalling Game customer services is.

It was a simple task.  Pre-order a PS4 and COD Ghosts with Game online.

Wanting to get a PS4 on release day I made sure that I ordered before the 6th August deadline.  I paid my deposit and promptly received a confirmation email.

So far so good.  Roll on a couple of months.

With the launch approaching I wanted to change the payment card for the balance so jumped on the Game website 12th Nov and onto the contact section.  The only options available were postal, email, some 0871 numbers for product and store information and Webchat.

Webchat offered the most immediate response so I tried that.

Got connected to and operator called Carl quickly and explained what I wanted to do.  I also asked if my order was guaranteed for launch day.
Me says:
  Can you tell if I'm currently guaranteed for launch
Carl says:
  you are in phase one as you ordered on 2/8/2013
Me says:
  So for 29/11
Carl says:
  Yes that is correct.

Excellent.  Carl asked for my phone number to change the card details and called within seconds and sorted everything out. 

Excellent experience.

A couple of hours later I receive a courtesy email saying that payment may be processed early to make sure my order gets to me on launch day.

Roll on a couple of weeks to the week of launch.

A few friends started having payments taken so I was expecting to see an email saying that payment have been taken ahead of dispatch.  It got to two days before release and Iíd heard nothing and was starting to get worried so I used the Webchat service again.

Got a message saying that I was number 178 in the queue and the expected wait time was 1,736 minutes!  29 hours.  Clearly there were a lot of concerned people trying to contact them.  I didnít have 29 hours to wait so decided to try again the next day.

Iíd started to see hints on twitter that people were having orders cancelled by Game so was starting to worry.

Day before launch I checked the Game website and my order was still showing as unshipped.
Used the Webchat to contact Game at 11am.  After a 20 minute wait I got connected to an operator and told them that I was concerned that payment hadnít been taken and that my order was showing as unshipped.  This was the response:
Hallan says:
  this is currently going through payment now. This will be dispatched later today. Please contact your bank to ensure they do not block the funds as fraud
Me says:
  Why would they I've ordered from game before
Hallan says:
  they have been blocking alot of PS4 orders due to the high price of the consoles
Me says:
  Ok. But my order is confirmed for delivery tomorrow?
Hallan says:
  As long as there are no issues with payment yes
Me says:

ĎEnsure they do not block the funds a fraudí.  This was starting to sound suspicious.  I called my card issuer who confirmed that my account was OK and there were no fraud blocks.

I waited.

Launch Day.

Checked the Game website and my order was still showing as unshipped and no payment had been taken.  Started to get a little annoyed.

As Webchat seemed to be the only way to contact them I jumped on it at 10.30.  After about 40 minutes waiting I got connected to an operator and asked them if my order would be delivered today?  Their response left me amazed considering the Webchat Iíd had the day before:
Lisa T says:
  What i will need to do is pass your detail over to my manager as this appears to be pending payment so has not been shipped for you to receive today.
Me says:
  why wasn't payment taken?
Lisa T says:
  Unfortunately i cannot see why this hasn't happened. But I am going to pass your details to my manager to try and get this resolved as soon as possible. If we can resolve this before 12pm today we will be able to ship for you to receive early next week.
Me says:
  I need to know why payment wasn't taken for an order I placed 3 months ago
Lisa T says:
  I am sorry i cannot advise why this hasn't been processed. It would appear to have got stuck in the system. Now we are aware of this we will be able to push this through for you.
Early next week!  Seizing on what I thought may be a hope of a solution I asked about next day delivery or collection from my local Game:
 Me says:
  Can you arrange delivery for tomorrow? or Can I collect today from my local Game store?
Lisa T says:
  Unfortunately the courier do not deliver for at the weekend and the only stock in stores is for pre-orders placed in the stores.

Damn no luck.  I think what they were trying to say was that they werenít prepared to pay extra for next day delivery or delivery on a Saturday because I know that DPD do offer both services.

Next option was to try and narrow down a delivery day.
Me says:
  Will I get delivery on Monday?
Lisa T says:
  If we can get this resolved before 12pm today we can have it with dispatched for courier to deliver Monday.

Iíd taken the day off work to make sure someone was in when it was delivered but I was unable to so the following week so I asked if I could change the delivery address.
Me says:
  Can I change the delivery address?
Lisa T says:
  Unfortunately not until this has been sent to the courier and we have consignment number, then one of my colleagues will be able to telephone them on the day request a change of address.
Me says:
  I need to arrange that as I won't be at home on Monday. Which courier is it?
Lisa T says:
  DPD but you will need to contact us on Monday to arrange this as this is the earliest they will have the consignment and a number to track.

Feeling I was fighting a losing battle I tried to get a name and number to call on Monday to do the address change.
Me says:
  Ok who do I contact. Do you have a phone number i can call.
Lisa T says:
  If you contact us again on Monday via the live chat we will be able to call the courier for you and request the address change.
Me says:
  What time does the chat open
Lisa T says:
  7:30 am
Me says:
  ok thanks

Ok you think at least heíll get his PS4 on Monday.

Kaboom.  At 11.41 I receive an email from Game saying:

Your recent order has been cancelled, if you have made a cancellation request please accept this email as confirmation of your request. Please see below for the items affected.

If you have not cancelled your order there may be a problem with the payment for your order, please contact Customer Services using the Online Contact Form.

If this cancellation relates to an Xbox One or PS4 Console order please contact us within 48 hours and we will be able to replace your order.
All the best

Cancelled?  Did it say cancelled?  Yes it did.

I immediately filled in the contact form and waited. 

My patience lasted longer than I expected as I had a lot to do that weekend but by 11:30 it had run out so I jumped on Webchat again and asked why my order had been cancelled.
Andrew Si says:
  I have checked the status of your order and it appears it was declined by your card issuer.
  The information provided to us shows that we were provided with a different billing address from that on record with your card issuer. As your order was rejected by your card issuer, no payment was taken from your account for this order.
Strange as I know the two cards I have saved with Game have the correct billing address so I asked the obvious question.
Me says:
  What address was provided
But I did not expect this answer.
Andrew Si says:
  I can tell you if the billing address we have on file is the same one your expecting it o be, what is your billing address please?
I gave them my address but;
Andrew Si says:
  That is not the billing address we had for this order. We can call you to reinstate this order with the correct details.
Obviously I said yes.
Me says:
  Yes please. Will it still be for delivery on Monday.
Andrew Si says:
  Unfortunately it will not be as we need to take payment to dispatch this order and our couriers are not able to transport over weekends. May I have a contact number for an agent to call you back on?

I gave them my number but I was starting to get a little concerned about why a strange address had appeared on my account against this order.
Me says:
  I am very concerned about my billing address being incorrect from a security point of view. How can someone change my billing address.
Andrew Si says:
  It may have been set incorrectly when you changed the details over the phone with us as we need to re enter the billing address. I do not believe it is a security issue.
Andrew Si says:
  I have requested a callback for you. An agent t will call you back as soon as we can.
Me says:
  How long is it likely to be?
Andrew Si says:
  It may be later this afternoon or some tie during the day tomorrow.

Obviously account security is not a high priority.  I tried to push them again for the billing address they had on file.
Me says:
  What was the billing address changed to?
Andrew Si says:
  It was changed to an address is Middlesex.
Me says:
  That is worrying. I suggest they call me as soon as possible.
Andrew Si says:
  I have made a note and we will call as soon as we can. Is there anything else I can help you with in the mean time?
The billing address they have on file for this order is not even in the same county as me!  Now I really starting to get worried but hoped they call me soon.  In the meantime I thought I see when my PS4 would be delivered.
Me says:
  So when will delivery be?
Andrew Si says:
  I'm afraid we cannot say exactly as we still need to take payment for the order before we can dispatch it. and taking the payment can take varying lengths of time.
Me says:
  I think a supervisor had better call me as soon as possible. Thanks for your help.

I received a call from a CS member at approximately 15:00 to explain that my order had been cancelled and that a new order had been raised and my deposit payment transferred over.  I asked them again about the mystery address but again they wouldn't tell me what it was.

I again told them I thought it was a security issue and wanted the address.  They told me that they couldnít give me the address due to data protection!  I said that as the data was part of the record they held on me that I was entitled to access to it but they wouldn't budge and that as it wasn't my address it wasn't my data!.

I asked them if they considered it a security issue as either someone had hacked my account or the record had been changed by someone on their side without informing me.  All they could offer was to change the password on my account.

I find it hard to fathom their lack of concern about this mystery address and my security concerns.

I had confirmation emails that my new order had been received and confirmed by 15.11 on 30th Nov and a following email on 1st Dec saying that my order was being processed so my hopes were up for delivery on either Monday or Tuesday providing I could change the delivery address to my work one.

Donít worry weíll get back to the mystery address in a moment.

So state of play so far.  PS4 has been confirmed and I just need to get in touch with Game to change the delivery address once itís with the couriers.

Monday 2nd Dec.

I check the courier website and they still had the original billing address but had the delivery scheduled for the next day (3rd).

So after waiting an hour in the Webchat queue and getting kicked twice I finally got connected at 11.20.

Hereís how the chat started.
Me says:
  I need to change the delivery address on my order
Martin says:
  Unfortunately the shipping address cannot be changed on an order unless the order is cancelled and replaced with the correct address.

What!  Did I read that right?
Me says:
  I was told on friday that I could only change the delivery address once it had been dispatched
Me says:
  From my chat on Friday - Lisa T says: Unfortunately not until this has been sent to the courier and we have consignment number, then one of my colleagues will be able to telephone them on the day request a change of address.
Martin says:
  Let me just go and ask about this.
Me says:
Martin says:
  Right okay can i please take the delivery address that you would like it changed too?
Phew.  So I gave him the new address and he proceeded to get in touch with the courier.  After a short wait;
Martin says:
  Right you address unfortunately still remains unchanged due your item not reaching the courier yet. Please can you leave it a few more hours for this to happen and then your address can be changed.
Me says:
  Do I have to contact you again?
Martin says:
  No i have your details so i can ring again later today for you.
Me says:
  Ok but I'll get confirmation?
Martin says:
  Yes you will.

I check the courier website thought the day and awaited the confirmation from Game that the delivery address had been changed.  Nothing arrived.

Next morning Iím back on the webchat at 9:38 on 3rd Dec.
Me says:
  Can I check that the delivery address for my order was changed
Steve says:
  May I ask which delivery address you wish to use?
Me says:
  (I give the new address)
Steve says:
  I've got (old address). You can change the shipping address by following these steps: Track Orders - Review - Amend Order - Edit Address

I jump onto the Game website to check and as my order is marked as dispatched this option isnít available.
Me says:
  I was told yesterday that the address had been changed
Steve says:
  Okay, may I ask who told you this?
Me says:
Steve says:
  Okay, I'll go and have a word. Bear with me one moment.
Steve says:
  I've just spoken to him, he's had nothing back from the courier as of yet. He has assured me that he will send confirmation of this to you once it's been done, though.
Me says:
  OK but I won't be getting delivery today?
Steve says:
  I've just seen that it is at the depot. I'll call them now to try and sort the address for you!
Me says:
  Thank you
Steve says:
  Okay, I've just given them the new address. I've had to send this as an email after speaking with the relevant people on the phone, however, they will change this for you.
Steve says:
  He also assured me that it will not affect the delivery time
Steve says:
  It looks as though it may be today.
Me says:
  Ok thanks

Finally at 16.20 on 3rd December, the supposed day of delivery, I get an email saying that the address had been changed but that it meant that the delivery date had been pushed back a day to 4th Dec.  Not ideal but at least there was hope Iíd finally get a PS4.

To double check things I jump on the courier website to check the details.  Now I know that couriers are good but they would struggle to find me @

Unit A1, Road, Surrey, GUxx xxx

Back on the Webchat to have a strange chat.
Me says:
  I've just check my parcel tracking information with DPD and the address is incomplete
Joshua C says:
  i can confirm that your order has been dispatched on the 01/12/2013 and should be with you soon
Me says:
  That's not what I asked, The delivery address is incomplete and won't reach me
Joshua C says:
  it is to be redelivered on the 4th
Joshua C says:
  and your address is stated on there
Me says:
  But the delivery address is incomplete and won't reach me
Joshua C says:
  no its not
Me says:
  what address do you have for the delivery
Joshua C says:
  (he gave my home address)
Me says:
  That's not the correct address. Are you able to check with Steve who I had a webchat with this morning about this
Joshua C says:
  okay i can see it has been changed and will be delivered to the address you stated to him on the 4/12/2013
Me says:
  It is incorrect on the DPD tracking site and only you can change it to the correct one
Joshua C says:
  yes but steve has already changed it with dpd it just hasnt updated on there system yet
Me says:
  On the DPD tracking tracking site it has the address as Unit A1, Road, Surrey, GUxx xxx and it should be (correct address)
Joshua C says:
  it will change soon, steve has updated your shipping address
Me says:
  It has updated but to the incomplete address
Joshua C says:
  okay i will try contact dpd again
Me says:
  Thank you. Will I get confirmation that it's been corrected.
Joshua C says:
  i can confirm that they are currently trying to find your order and we will be updated once its found, once found it will be delivered to the correct address you have just stated
Me says:
  Ok thank you.

I keep checking the courier website but at no point in the day does it change to the correct address so Iím preparing myself to have more webchats the next day.

However when I get home that evening sitting there in the kitchen is a big box containing a PS4 that has been delivered to my neighbour.

Success. And relief.

Back the mystery address.

I did a bit of digging around my order history on the Game website and found the address:
SUB Norris Road
TW18 4WA

A quick Google reveals that this is the address of the Game store in Stanies!

What conclusion do I draw from this?

Someone within Game changed the billing address for my card on my order without my permission and without informing me.

As billing addresses for credit cards are used as a security check I fail to see how Game donít see this a security issue.

My concern has been further raised due to the fact that the order has now disappeared from my order history!

So how has this been resolved?

It hasn't.  Apart from telling me it isnít a security issues and offering to change my password.  I have not had any offer to compensate me for the amount of effort Iíve had to put into getting my order sorted (apart from £5 credit on my Game points card) and I have not had any contact from Game about my security concerns.

The next gen console rush somehow seems to have caught Game of guard and, judging by their twitter feed, their customer service department has spiralled into chaos.  At no point during any of my contacts with the CS team did anyone seem aware of what had gone on before.  More often than not I had to tell them what the previous CS person has said and supposedly done. Someone within Game needed to take responsibility for my issue and keep me informed of the progress.

It is quite simply the worst customer experience Iíve had and after being a loyal Game customer for over 10 years Iím off to find a company that takes my security seriously and doesnít treat their customers like a commodity.

Any recommendations?

ACOG General Chat / A little amusement for Wednesday
« on: November 06, 2013, 09:48:31 AM »
the elegant gentleman's guide to knife fighting - animations

ACOG General Chat / PS4 Ultimate FAQ
« on: October 31, 2013, 01:14:44 PM »
I'm sure that most of us have had a read of this but a few of the points I find a bit odd.

Code: [Select]
Q: Will users be able to connect an external hard drive to expand storage on PS4?
A: No, this feature is not supported on PS4.

Code: [Select]
Q: Will PS4 support media servers or DLNA support in order to stream videos or movies from a home PC?
A: The PS4 system does not support client functionality for media servers.

Code: [Select]
Q: Will I be able to play MP3s on PS4?
A: No.

As my music library sits on my homer server and is pushed through the house via DLNA the effectively knock the PS4 out as a media system unless you want to only play contect purchased though PSN or Sony's 'Unlimited' services.

Whilst I think Xbone took the whole 'Entertainment' system too far surely this is too much the other way.

Luckily I managed to pick up a Smart TV recently which has taken over these functions from my PS3 but other will certainly find that they are missing out.

Hopefully Sony will see the light and add these things back in.

ACOG General Chat / A Brief Hostory of Gaming
« on: September 17, 2013, 04:03:28 PM »

ACOG General Chat / Anyone lend me £500....
« on: September 17, 2013, 09:10:41 AM »
.... because I need this in my life.

If only it was next gen.

General Killzone Discussion / KZSF MP Trailer
« on: August 27, 2013, 04:19:15 PM »
With all the info overload about PS4, XBone, COD and BF4 I missed this one.

Looks good.

Gamescom: Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Trailer

ACOG General Chat / If you're flying off on holiday this summer....
« on: July 23, 2013, 03:04:46 PM »
Hope you get one of these pilots.

Ten Scariest Landings

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